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These sessions are really about celebrating your love and life together

About the Session

It's a chance to capture moments that tell your story, embrace individuality, showcase creativity and illustrate the love you share. My sessions are laid back with a bit of quirk and the result is warm photos to share this moment in time with the ones you love. Let’s meet up at sunrise or sunset for an hour or so to go for a hike, explore something new, adventure into the wild, take some photos celebrating your life.

When to Book

The session we will share together will be one to two hours long and typically scheduled Mondays through Thursdays at either sunrise or sunset. As crazy as it sounds to do a sunrise session, a handful of my sessions are in the wee hours of the early morning! It doesn’t work for every family but the light at that time of day is incredible, sometimes there's an early morning fog, and if it's a mid-summer session, it is a perfect way to beat the heat. Plus the streets and parks are a bit more empty so we have the world to ourselves. 

Choosing Your Location

Think about a location that is reflective of all of you. Brainstorm places that inspire, spots that might have sentimental meaning to your family or anything that's fun or different that you may want to incorporate. Some favorite pastimes might include picnics at the park, driving out on the beach, or cozy mornings in the kitchen together. Whatever it is, let's capture you where you all feel most at home.

Think about the colors and style of any potential locations and how you can compliment them with your outfits. If it helps to include props or pets to help show who you are absolutely bring them along. If you're feeling lost with locations let me know! I am always up for helping brainstorm and scout out spots for you!

Like the location, your outfits should also be a reflection of you

What to Wear

Once you pick the location, it's time to think about outfits. First and foremost I want you to feel comfortable.  While you'll want to keep the location in mind when you're planning your outfits and picking the vibe, think about what makes you feel the most beautiful. Coordinating multiple outfits can be a big task so I usually recommend starting with Mom's outfit (or the girls) since there are typically more color and print options. Choose a dress in your favorite color or maybe a skirt top combo. Then go from there choosing a complementary color palette to select everyone else's outfits. Think about dressing everyone for the same event. Remember you can never go wrong with neutral colors! 

Family sessions average about 90-120 proofs.

How many photos will we recieve?

For local clients where travel isn’t involved, I usually will recommend rescheduling if the weather is calling for 60% chance of rain or more the day before our session. At least a 24 hour notice is needed for us to make other arrangements if cancellation or a reschedule is necessary. Simply overcast days give really brilliant, soft light, but we have some options for rainy or snowy days like: • An indoor rain plan (a coffee shop, a museum, an in-home shoot) • We grab some umbrellas and shoot anyway (Pacific Northwest style) I want you to love everything about your photos and your experience working with me, so if reschedule we must, reschedule we shall!

What if there is inclement weather?

Of course! We can absolutely have your animals in any of your photos. I generally recommend factoring in extra time or having a friend bring them part way into our session.

Can we bring our dog/pets?

Typically, your gallery will be delivered within 3 weeks. During busy season June through October plan for 3-5 weeks.

When will we receive our images?

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