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California Highway 1 | Road Trip

February 1, 2017 ยท Travel

Haley and I always had this dream of going to Big Sur, so when I booked a wedding in California it was destiny that we plan a Highway 1 road trip. Our journey began in San Diego — we had the best hosts — shout out to Kerri and Cameron. We devoured tacos, drank lavender lattes, pretended we were guests at Hotel Del, stuffed our faces at Extraordinary Desserts, visited our childhood homes, tried not to breathe in the seal stink in La Jolla, and ended every day on the coast watching the sunset. It was four days of bliss – I don’t know why we left. We made our way up to L.A. – where we ate more tacos, biked along Venice Beach, saw all the murals, got doughnuts, and ended the day at Griffith Park and to be clear this was pre-La-La-Land. We realized LA wasn’t really our kind of city, and so we jumped ahead with our trip and ventured on to the main destination! Little did we know it was Big Sur’s rain season which sort of put a damper on things. Windy roads hundreds of feet above the ocean combined with rain in a tiny car was stressssful. But wow it was breathtaking. Put it on your bucket list. Go to Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur Bakery for expensive af coffee, and Nepenthe. We contemplated sleeping in our car on the cliffs that night but feared we would slip off so we stayed at a really funny airbnb that provided non optional slippers. The next day we journeyed onto San Francisco and we kinda saw all the sites in a day – Golden Gate Bridge, the Painted Ladies, we ate lavender ice cream, and tracked down a swing that goes out over the city – it was sadly taken down when we got there though. I mean I think that covers SF – did we miss anything? The last place our list was the Redwood Forest – cause tall trees duh. It took us a whiiiilee to get up there and when we did it was also raining. Very anti-climatic. So we treated ourselves that night and stayed at the cutest A-Frame cabin, and had the best time relaxing in the forest. amongst the trees. It was the best road trip ever. 

Also thank you to whichever company rented us the Ford Fiesta — it was a big fiesta hit.

p.s. RIP to the chandler tree. 

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