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September 21, 2014 · Portraits, seniors

I think those moments that were never foreseeable growing up, are the most bittersweet.  When I was three, I begged my parents for a baby sister so I could name her Snow White. They indulged me with the former but named her Grace instead. I did not know it was possible for one tiny baby to captivate my heart so completely. As she is poised to graduate high school, I am once again struck by these hardly dared hoped for milestones. 

I am in awe of this girl’s zealous spirit. Despite overcoming countless obstacles, she continues to pick herself up, persevering through it all. A connoisseur of humor, from the truly cheesy to courageous gallows humor; she leaves me breathless on the floor. Her brilliance shines brightest in the kitchen as she creates art to nourish souls. She inspires me. 

I am forever grateful to her donor, for allowing sweet moments such as these to be experienced and captured. Happy senior year Snow White.

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